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IP Telephony

Increasing competition and reducing margins are forcing many small businesses to take a long hard look at their costs and in particular those relating to telephone charges. In this climate IP telephony is proving to be an important business tool. IP telephony enables telephone conversations to be routed over the Internet or any other IP based network - like the computer network in your office.

This allows you to route your internal calls over your existing network and Broadband connection without the need to pay any call charges. It also provides a number of other benefits:

  1. Simplified infrastructure - a single cabling system for your telephone and computer network
  2. Scalable - easy to increase the number of users and lines without the usual restraints
  3. Reduced operating costs - being software-based makes it easier to maintain
  1. Flexibility - if you have a VPN it can be combined with IP telephony, to set up a fully functioning office with free internal phone calls, anywhere there is a Broadband connection
  2. Wireless-compatible - with a wireless LAN in place, mobile devices can easily use your VoIP system

These benefits are proving compelling for many organisations, but implementing an IP telephony system is not straightforward as it requires specialist knowledge and implementation to ensure its success.

Our services

By partnering with the leading technology manufacturers Data Pacific is able to offer a comprehensive range of IP telephony solutions for every size and type of organisation. These include:

If you would like further information on how our IP telephony solutions can help your organisation please contact us now.