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Information technology has enabled organisationsí to change the way that they operate. Until recently these changes were limited to office-based staff, but now the increased availability and affordability of mobile computing solutions offers new opportunities for even the smallest business.

Mobile computing solutions enable employees to be in the best place to carry out their job, while still being able to use the data and applications held on your office servers. This provides a number of benefits including:

  1. Increased customer responsiveness
  2. Greater employee productivity
  3. Enhanced organisational efficiency
  4. Streamlined business processes

All of which can deliver distinct competitive advantages.

Our services

Data Pacific partners with the leading technology manufacturers enabling us to offer solutions that are simple to use, secure and reliable. These include:

  1. Windows Mobile & Blackberry - these solutions power versatile mobile devices that allow businesses to send and receive e-mails, view and edit calendar and contacts, work on mobile versions of familiar Office software, browse the Internet and use hundreds of other applications such as maps and GPS
  2. Virtual Private Network (VPN) - allows remote and mobile employees to securely access data and applications through a standard Internet connection
  3. Mobile Broadband - access the Internet from anywhere without having to find a wireless hot spot enabling you to utilise e-mail and office applications via your VPN
  4. Home Working - enable key employees to work from home and access the applications and data they need via your VPN and IP telephony. This not only delivers a better work/life experience but can also reduce costs and carbon emissions

Our expertise and experience means that we can design, implement and support your mobile solution in its entirety, leaving you free to get on with enjoying the benefits that it will deliver.

If you would like further information on how our mobility solutions can help your organisation please contact us now.