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Software Development

Low-priced "off-the-shelf" software now covers nearly all the major business processes. This has led many organisations to believe that they can satisfy all their requirements by using such software.

While there are many areas in a business where packaged software is the right approach, e.g. word processing or presentation applications, it is not the universal solution that software manufacturers would have you believe.

Where you have business processes that are unique to your company and provide you with a distinct competitive advantage, it is highly unlikely that any “off-the-shelf” software application can provide all the benefits you are hoping for.

In this case a software solution developed specifically for you may be the right choice.

Our services

Data Pacific are experts in developing custom software solutions in 2 key areas:

  1. Web content management - your Website needs to be linked to the underlying business processes for it to be effective. We can design and implement your content-managed Web site and link it to “back-end” business management applications.
  2. Line of business application development - by understanding your business processes we will be able to design and build a solution that will work the way you do, rather than having to change your operation to meet the limitations of an "off-the-shelf" package.

For all our software projects we first undertake a thorough analysis of your business and its processes. This enables us to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and ensures that the solution will meet your requirements, both now and into the future.

If you would like further information on how our software development solutions can help your organisation please contact us now.