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13 December 2013 09:35
Top 5 solutions to create an agile business

Knowledge Management Systems Knowledge Management solutions help your employees and partners to access and share information they need to make the right decisions, faster and therefore improve their performance

Server and Desktop Virtualisation Server Virtualisation enables your business to rationalise the number of servers within your business and allow more efficient use of your IT resources, helping to reduce cost and centralise network management. Desktop Virtualisation empowers your business to implement a mobile workforce, so that employees can access business applications whilst on the go, reducing the demand for office space and increasing staff productivity

Cloud Computing Many organisations think of Cloud computing as a solution to help reduce capital and operational costs. However, additionally the reality is that the Cloud can also help improve business competitiveness and agility. Forward-thinking IT Directors think business transformation first, followed by how technology enables it. According to the 2011 survey by VMWare (the global leader in IT Virtualisation and Cloud solutions)Nearly two-thirds 65 percent of respondents believe that Cloud computing role in increasing IT agility. Almost three-quarters 60 percent of respondents have already deployed Cloud computing enterprise-wide, believing the Cloud plays a key role in IT agility. The majority of survey respondents (65 percent)agree that Cloud computing could help their organizations maintain a flexible architecture to support changes

Customer Relationship Management CRM solutions Can help your business to realise the benefits of smart and agile processes. In turn they can enable your business to rapidly adapt to ever changing customer requirements and market dynamics CRM solutions are designed to increase the value you represent to your customers, through a unified view of every contact and touch point. This provides valuable insight, taken from various departments including; Marketing, Sales, Finance and Operations, which can all be used to deliver targeted and relevant offers, products and services. If delivered well, this will strengthen your relationship with your customers and enable you to respond to any future change in market demands. In addition, CRM applications can help to reduce the time it takes to introduce new products, sales and service channels, tracking real-time purchases from order to delivery, streamlining your supply-chain and drive down customer service costs

Document Management and Collaboration Tools These can help you with one of the most demanding challenges in your business; team collaboration and employee management. These web based tools help you to control your employee tasks quickly and easily, from anywhere in the world, enabling the business to increase employee productivity effectively, whilst working remotely

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