IT is now a vital part of every business and like any business resource it requires continual investment to be effective. This means that you must either directly employ staff to look after and develop your IT estate or you must find a reliable organisation that you can partner with.

Finding such a partner can be a fraught and sometimes costly experience as they must possess not only an in-depth understanding of the technology itself, but also how to apply it in a business environment.

Data Pacific is a leading provider of IT, telephony solutions, software development and technical support for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK. Since 1990 we have been helping organisations use IT to obtain real benefits through cost savings and productivity gains.


We only partner with global and industry-leading organisations – such as Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix & Cisco. This ensures that you can be confident that our skills are complimented by stable technologies that are secure and provide exceptional value for money.

Our partnerships with these organisations also mean that our staff are trained to the highest level and are familiar with the most modern technologies and how best to apply them to the benefit of your business.

We believe in working in close partnership with all our customers. This means that we totally understand their problems and can suggest alternative ways of solving them.



“From the very outset as a business we were working to connect computers and provide access to shared data.  This was a huge leap forward and was way before the internet was even around.   Telex & Fax was king,  Dialup modems enabling enabling computers to connect directly to each other were being used by hobbyists.   Bulletin Boards and Teletext Services like Prestel were just starting out.  Right from the start we could see the productivity and benefits that sharing data and real-time access could bring.  We were among the first to install local networks for businesses, electronic word processing systems and accounting software.  We have been moving businesses forward and communicating technology ever since.  More than 30 years after becoming a Limited Company we are still supporting businesses and are the trusted advisor that makes sure you invest in the right strategic technology.”

Mark Hollingsworth

Managing Director

“Its our 30th Anniversary as Data Pacific Ltd, we were incorporated in 1990. We operated as a partnership for years before that and I don’t even want to count how long that is in total.  We have now been helping companies all over the UK and further afield solve business issues using technology for well over 30 years.  That’s a really long time!  We have seen a huge amount of change, and that’s one thing we can count on.  Our business continues to change and evolve, with the occasional revolution along the way.  That’s why we love what we do.   If you have challenges or are not happy with your current provision, if you need someone who can Communicate Technology, call us, talk to us we can help, its what we do.”

Richard Hollingsworth

Technical Director