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Your Data in Microsoft 365 is Not Protected

Many organizations assume that their data in a Software as a Service (SaaS) application like Microsoft 365 is automatically backed-up. However, this in incorrect.  While Microsoft won’t lose your data, it does not make any guarantees about restoring data if you lose it. In Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model, backup is your responsibility.  In other words, your cloud data is just as vulnerable to accidental/malicious deletion, ransomware and other types of data loss as it would be on if it was stored on an on-premises server.

How Does SaaS Protection Help?

SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365 automatically backs-up your data three times per day and enables you to restore individual files or messages, or entire folder structures and mailboxes.  SaaS Protection covers:

  • Exchange – emails, contacts and calendars
  • OneDrive – files and folders
  • SharePoint – sites, document libraries and assets
  • Teams – files, conversations, and calendar meetings
Why Every Business Needs SaaS Protection

In our experience, the greatest threat to your Microsoft 365 data is internal – your own staff.  Accidental deletion of files and folders is one issue but the #1 threat is from phishing attacks. Microsoft blocks millions of phishing emails every day, but some still make it through.  Phishing attacks are becoming more targeted and more sophisticated and even the savviest of employees can let their guard down.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is for an attacker to access and encrypt your Microsoft 365 data following a phishing attack.

Act Today to Protect Your Data

Whether you’re new to Microsoft 365 or have been using the platform for years, unexpected data loss can happen to anyone. Start your free trial with the form on this page or schedule a meeting with us and protect your data in Microsoft 365 today.

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