Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Comprehensive Threat Protection and Device Management

You’re Missing Out on Some Valuable M365 Features

If you are already using Microsoft 365 for your business, but you are not using M365 Business Premium you are unlikley to know that there are more features you could be making use of…

There are multiple subscription tiers for Microsoft 365, each with its own benefits. Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the most comprehensive plan for small-medium-sized businesses.

You get all the features of the other tiers – if you’re using the Business Standard plan, you won’t lose any functionality – with a number of incredibly useful and important new features.

The main draw of the Business Premium plan is the additional protection for your data. The plan includes a number of advanced-level security features, giving you more safeguards against a variety of possible threats.

There are also services that allow you to more easily manage your devices – both in-office and personal. More control over the software, security, and data on your business’ devices is always a benefit, especially with any employees who work from home.

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What You Get When You Upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business Premium

The plan includes all the Microsoft applications you’re already familiar with – Word, Excel, Teams and the like – with three major additions.


Intune is an endpoint management service, accesible through a browser.

Microsoft Defender

Defender for business provides comprehensive security measures across your business’ devices.

Azure AD P1

An M365 Business Premium plan includes Azure Active Directory Premium P1, a cloud-based identity and access management service.

Benefits of Intune:

  • easier cloud migration – access on-premises data remotely through mobile apps
  • device management – keep your company data safe, even on remote devices/BYOD schemes
  • fully control company-owned devices
  • give employee-owned devices options for data protection
  • wipe company data from any device

Benefits of Microsoft Defender:

  • Protect yourself, your employees and your data from malicious targeted attacks
  • Set up automatic email scanners to catch phishing scams before they can be clicked
  • Warn users of suspicious emails/possible impersonation
  • Automatically respond to security threats in real time

Benefits of Azure AD Premium P1:

  • Conditional access makes sure only approved users and devices can access your data
  • Set custom parameters (e.g. IP addresses, devices, even geographic restrictions)
  • Enforce security measures (e.g. allow access, require MFA, block access, etc.)
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